Menstrual products are responsible for around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year.  Most disposable sanitary pads are made from 90% plastic.  In one survery, an average of 23 sanitarty pads and 9 tampon applicators were found per 1 kilometre of UK coastline.  Time to think about a sustainable alternative, right? 


The solution? Reusable sanitary pads. They are the perfect way to save money and make a huge difference to the planet.  Made with a bamboo charcoal outer layer and 2 inner micro fibre layers they provide reliable absorbent protection even for heavy flow days.  Each purchase contains 6 reusable sanitary pads and a wet bag for storage on the go.   Wide selection of patterns and 3 different sizes available.


  • 6 sanitary pads and wet bag per purchase 
  • Skin layer - bamboo charcol 
  • Inner layer - 2 super absorbent micro fibre layers 
  • Leak proof outer layer with secure fastener 
  • Machine washable at 40c 
  • Save money & protect the planet 
  • Care instructions: wash before first use, rinse after use and place in wet bag until able to wash. 


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